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Ah yes the halloween decorations are up





i want it

Found a new addition to genbushh's yard.

It’s a fucking crime that I didn’t get this point


It’s a fucking crime that I didn’t get this point


We made it another year, you guys.

New year, same promise. I will reblog any form of this every time it crosses my dash for the entirety of October.


Now leading HuffPost Comedy: Tim & Eric’s insane new ad featuring Jeff Goldblum (and his hair).

supinternets will love this.


A tribute to Tina, remixed by Electic Method


Ian’s life is falling apart with one terrible event happening after another. With the mounting stress of the day Ian turns to the bottle, a terrible habit he once kicked, and reverts back to his drunken alter ego named The Bishop. But this time The Bishop isn’t happy to be back and decides to try and make Ian better, even if that means The Bishop’s permanent extinction. 

Written and Directed by Ryan Brady
Starring Casey McDougal and Ryan Brady

EP/AD/DP/Editor: Dylan Cyr
EP/Script Supervisor/Casting: Abigail Storiale
Makeup: Stephanie Vergati
Prop Manager: Elliot Smith
Production Coordinator: Mike Storiale 
Camera Operator/Key Grip: Adam Carner
Camera Operator/Boom Op: Ryan Gentner 
Assistant Script Supervisor: Allie Rivera, Robert Pinney
Boom Operator: Mike Storiale, Adam Carner, Ryan Gentner, Elliot Smith
Associate Producers: Sam Glassen, Dicks N’ Cider Show, Matthew Phillip Wee
Production Assistant(s): Marc Gibson, JohnRobert Vergati

Cast (in order of appearance)

Girl: Sehee Lee
Girl (Voice): Samantha Kassales
Ian/The Bishop: Ryan Brady
Jeff: Dylan Cyr
Luna: Abigail Storiale
Duncan: Tavis Doucette
Olivia: Grace Day
Lauren: JD Achille
Tom Jr: Marc Gibson
Emma: Casey McDougal 
Waitress: Ciarra Vanderveen
Complete Stranger(s) Elliot Smith and Allie Rivera

Watch this,

FX has renewed ‘You’re the Worst’ and ‘Married’


'You're the Worst' will jump to FXX next season and continue to be the best comedy you're not watching.

I am the happiest person now.

So far so good.